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Kleen Air Technologies provides consultation, planning and construction management of underground survival shelters, assisting you in all stages of successful underground shelter construction.

With the world's myriad of uncertainties, preparedness is difficult to achieve. However, in the case of a cataclysmic event, our underground shelters can ensure survival for you and your family and deliver a high degree of comfort. Underground survival shelters provide protection from an array of disasters, natural or man-made.

President Clinton abolished the office of Civil Defense. The Civil Defense medical and food supplies in Civil Defense shelters were given away or destroyed. There is no Civil Defense Program in the United States today.

Presidential Decision Directive 39, U.S. Policy on Counterterrorism, establishes policy to reduce the nation's vulnerability to terrorism, deter and respond to terrorists, strengthen capabilities to detect, prevent, defeat, and manage the consequences of terrorists use of weapons of mass destruction. Even though this directive contains "Consequence Management" authority for FEMA, it is mostly focused on restoration of essential government services and emergency support after an incident occurs. This leaves public health and safety responsibilities up to private individuals during a disaster.

On November 14, 2001, Vice President Cheney told CBS Sixty Minutes that "You've got people able to organize a conspiracy, able to come into the country, and perhaps smuggle weapons of mass destruction in with them and threaten, in effect, not just one individual, but threaten the government and conceivably be able to try to decapitate the federal government."

Dr. James M. Highes, who directs the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's center for infectious diseases, speaking on bioterrorism stated, "Our concerns are not limited to anthrax. Those concerns include diseases like botulism, plague, tularemia, and smallpox."

Our Mission
It has been said that the future belongs to those who are prepared. Should a cataclysmic event occur, either naturally or by the hands of man, our shelters will provide your family with the highest degree of security, protection and survivability. The world we live in has many uncertainties. Total preparation for the unexpected is a difficult objective to achieve. Kleen Air Technologies, Inc. facilities are for people who believe protection from the unexpected is a wise investment

Multi-Unit Shelters
Until now, survival has been out of reach for most of us, the two most important criteria for building have been "Adequate Budget and Suitable Location". Kleen Air Technologies is building multi-unit shelters in various locations throughout the United States. These condo-style shelters are being built in groups of ten units each. At present our efforts are limited to the Western United States although we are still building private facilities throughout America. For more information please go to our Gallery or use our information request form.

The Underground Concrete Shelter
Underground concrete shelters provide the ultimate in security and protection from unexpected disasters. State of the art technology is implemented in the design and construction of these facilities, offering a wide range of protection possibilities. This differs from conventional construction as our facilities are engineered for an average of 15 to 20 PSI of external overpressure and Total Rems in Shelter rating (TRS) averaging 2. The structures are impervious to water penetration using the most advanced waterproofing systems available. The interior of these shelters can be furnished with many of the creature comforts of a modern home, making it as comfortable an environment as possible for the duration of any transitional period that you and your family may be required to sustain. All shelters are custom built and designed according to each client's particular needs. Factors such as: number of occupants, location and level of desired protection must all be taken into consideration when designing your shelter.

Why own a Kleen Air Technologies, Inc. Concrete Shelter System? There are different types of shelters available on the market today. The advantage of a concrete shelter is that it can be designed for specific overpressures as well as blast and fallout protection. These are extremely important considerations to make when determining shelter protection needs, location and desired level of protection.

The concrete shelter provides a safe haven during disaster periods when retreat from the external environment is absolutely necessary. From protecting your family and storing your valuables during an unconfined wildfire, to a post-nuclear transition period, a Kleen Air Technologies, Inc. shelter will provide the ultimate in protection. This insures that your family's lives and irreplaceable heirlooms are preserved.

Code of Confidentiality
Kleen Air Technologies, Inc. believes that our ability to confirm our clients' best interest is good business. That is why we implement the highest level of confidentiality possible when dealing with client inquiries and also in the construction of these facilities.

Kleen Air Technologies
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