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About Kleen Air Technologies, Inc.

Kleen Air Technologies, Inc. (KAT) is a design, and construction management firm based in Summit County, Colorado, offering subterranean disaster shelters to the general public and businesses. These shelters are designed for protection from natural disasters and nuclear biological, and chemical occurrences (NBC).

Since 1996 KAT has successfully designed and installed shelter systems to private landowners throughout the United States. These owners have been wealthy individuals, each with sufficient land available to accommodate an entire system.

Even though this approach has been successful, we have long thought it would be nice to offer shelters to a larger segment of the population. For this reason KAT has developed multi-unit complexes that are suitable for locations near population centers.

Key Obstacles have been:

The majority of potential customers do not have sufficient land available to accommodate a large shelter system.

Those customers with land are located in remote and sparsely populated areas, resulting in inefficient construction and servicing of shelters.

KAT's new models will allow access to the vast number of potential survivors, located in close proximity to large metropolitan cities. This design expands from the single-unit shelter (designed to be self-contained for an individual owner), to a multi-unit design (with a shared "common area" utility system), thus offsetting a major expense of the construction process. The multi-unit shelter system will adapt a modular configuration allowing for maximum flexibility in design.

An individual module measures on average 20 by 40 feet and is designed to comfortably accommodate 6 to 10 people. A pod of 10 modules is used to make any size complex required. One to ten pods constitute a multi-unit shelter system. Depending on market demand, during a specific scheduled construction phase, any size complex can be constructed.

The 10-unit modular system encompasses design, construction efficiency and land utilization. This offers optimal economies to allow us to offer these systems on long lease hold arrangements to the general public at a price more suitable to the general population.

Kleen Air Technologies
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